Jak rozpocząć mediacje?

W obliczu obserwowanego wydłużania się czasu rozpoznawania spraw przez sądy, jak również w związku z rosnącymi kosztami postępowania, coraz większą popularność zyskują mediacje prowadzone przez mediatorów wpisanych na listy prowadzone przez prezesów sądów okręgowych....

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About us

We are a young team of lawyers whose main objective is to provide comprehensive legal assistance in solving problems encountered by our individual and corporate clients.

Our main concern is to understand and identify the Clients' needs which allows to work out individual solutions for each client. This means that we are looking for solutions that are most optimal and satisfying for a particular client. Our knowledge and experience combined with passion, creativity, diligence and integrity enable us to provide the highest level of legal services.

As qualified lawyers we act as counselors in front of all instances of general courts, the Supreme Court, administrative courts as well as administrative organs, prosecuting authorities or enforcement bodies. 

W ramach prowadzonej działalności zajmujemy się szeroko pojętym poradnictwem prawnym, sporządzaniem pism procesowych, opinii prawnych oraz projektów umów, jak również aktów korporacyjnych. Adwokatom i Radcom Prawnym oferujemy zastępstwo substytucyjne na obszarze właściwości Sądu Okręgowego w Tarnowie.

We provide our services in Polish and English.


Ewa Kocoł
Attorney at law

In 2013 I have obtained a degree in law which I completed at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. I defended my Master's thesis "The medical mystery and the interests of law enforcement and justice" in the Department of Criminal Law. In the years 2014-2016 I was attending a lawyer's training course at the District Bar Association in Krakow, ending with the attorney's exam. In 2017 I was entered on the list of advocates of the District Bar Association in Krakow. I gained my professional experience working with law firms in Krakow, Tarnow and Dabrowa Tarnowska.


Ukończyłam studia podyplomowe z zakresu prawa medycznego i bioetyki na Uniwersytecie Jagiellońskim.

Field of interest: civil law, family law, medical law, criminal law

Tomasz Kocoł
Attorney at law

In 2013 I have obtained a degree in law which I completed at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow in 2013. I defended my Master's thesis "Group proceedings in the context of civil liability in environmental law" in the Department of Environmental Law. I am also a graduate of the School of American Law, organized by the Catholic University of America and Columbus School of Law in cooperation with the Jagiellonian University. In the years 2014-2016 I was attending a lawyer's training course at the Regional Bar Council in Krakow, ending with the attorney's exam.


In 2017 I was entered on the list of advocates of the Krakow Bar Association.

Since 2012 I have been working as an expert with the Polish Accreditation Commission, which is a unit evaluating the quality of education in Polish higher education institutions.

I am currently a doctoral student at the Department of Environmental Law in Jagiellonian University.

I gained my professional experience working with law firms in Krakow and Tarnow as well as providing legal services for the Hospital in Tuchow.

Field of interest: civil law, commercial law, administrative law, environmental law, law of higher education


We provide legal assistance in a wide range of legal areas. The following areas of practice are just a sample of what we can do for you.

  • damages claims and remedies
  • contractual obligations (breach of contracts)
  • services related to the legal service of building works contracts
  • claims from consumer contracts (withdrawal from contract, price reduction, warranty, guarantee)
  • cases of inheritance
  • property issues (right of prescription, dissolution of co-ownership, easements, property protection)
  • total or partial incapacitation
  • debt recovery
  • representation in enforcement proceedings
  • declaration of bankruptcy
  • real estate register cases
  • divorce
  • separation
  • marriage annulment
  • division of property
  • matrimonial property regimes
  • child support
  • limitation, suspension and deprivation of parental authority
  • paternity suits
  • actions beyond the scope of the ordinary management of the property of the minor child
  • adoption
  • representation of the suspect in the preparatory proceedings
  • the defense in court
  • representation of victims
  • representation in enforcement proceedings
  • representation in deliquency proceedings
  • registration proceedings
  • drafting and giving opinions on agreements, resolutions, orders and minutes of meetings of company bodies, associations and foundations
  • drafting legal opinions
  • appeals and complaints against administrative decisions and other administrative acts
  • representation in administrative and court administrative proceedings
  • cases related to the investment and construction process
  • solving and fixing the employment relationship, payment of wages, determination of entitlement to benefits from ZUS and KRUS, responsibility of employee and employer
  • drafting contracts
  • preparing and giving opinions on work regulations and other employee documentation
  • compensation for medical malpractice
  • cases concering patient’s rights protection
  • representation during proceedings in the Regional Comitee for Adjudication of Medical Occurrence
  • providing legal services for health care institutions and entrepreneurs conducting business in the field of medical services, including representation in the contracting procedure before the National Health Fund
  • comprehensive legal services for contractors and contracting authorities in public procurement proceedings
  • representation of clients before the National Board of Appeal
  • representation of clients in court proceedings relating to investment obligations
  • customer representation in the course of control proceedings, including preparation of objections to control protocols
  • consulting the stage of preparation of the offer, including the preparation of requests for clarification of the content of the Terms of Reference
  • providing legal assistance in completing documents or explanations
  • preparation of appeals, complaints and information about the breach of contract
  • preparing or consulting internal regulations concerning the award of public contracts (public procurement regulations, tender committee regulations, the so-called "subliminal orders" regulations)
  • preparing drafts of statements including answers for contractors’ questions and explanations of content of SIWZ
  • preparing responses to the appeals
  • -services related to the legal aspects of environmental impact assessment, waste management, including hazardous waste, gaseous or particulate emissions, emissions trading, water management and waste water disposal, noise protection and electromagnetic radiation
  • services related to the granting of environmental permits
  • liability for environmental damage, with particular regard to group proceedings
  • remediation of post-industrial areas and environmental damage
  • preparing drafts of documentation of the internal quality assurance system
  • drafting of the statute
  • preparing drafts of study regulations, financial assistance, charging fees, release from fees for educational services
  • preparing drafts of contracts for the provision of educational services

Terms of cooperation

Services offered by our law firm are not subject to a pre-determined price list. The amount of remuneration for the case is determined on a case by case basis, taking into account the area of ​​the law to which it relates, the complexity of the activities undertaken, the time consumed and the value of the subject matter of the dispute.

Wynagrodzenie kancelarii może zostać ustalone w formie stawki ryczałtowej bądź stawek godzinowych, a także ich uzupełnienia w postaci tzw. premii za sukces płatnej w wypadku doprowadzenia do korzystnego dla Klienta rozstrzygnięcia sprawy.  W uzasadnionych przypadkach istnieje możliwość rozłożenia należności na raty. Koszty zostają każdorazowo uzgodnione z klientem przed podjęciem się prowadzenia danej sprawy.

Approximate price for services provided by our law firm can be determined before the meeting with one of our lawyers but in order to give the final cost, it is necessary to familiarise us with the case documents.

Clients that are interested in legal advice can also briefly describe the matter and send a description electronically to the indicated email addresses or leave a message using the contact form below.

We encourage our clients to make inquiries by phone or e-mail about expected remuneration.

It is also important that in the event of a successful conclusion of a court case, there is a possibility of demanding a refund of the costs of the trial, including the costs of legal representation (attorney's fees).


Kanelarie Prawne

Adwokat Ewa Kocoł, Radca Prawny Tomasz Kocoł

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Ewa Kocoł
Attorney at law

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Tomasz Kocoł
Attorney at law

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